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The Royal Society’s Large Scale Energy Storage event

On Weds 8th September, an event was held at the Royal Society in London on the critical subject of Large Scale Energy Storage and the report on the subject that was recently published by the Royal Society.

It commenced with an introduction by Peter Bruce, followed by Chris Llewellyn Smith providing an overview of the findings of the report published by the Royal Society on Large Scale Electricity Storage.

Presentations delved into various aspects, such as the effects of weather and climate change, modeling with multiple storage options, and the economics of storage, led by Sara Walker, Tony Roulstone, Seamus Garvey, and John Rhys.

After a brief break, the focus shifted to large-scale storage technologies, including hydrogen and ammonia, as well as non-chemical alternatives, chaired by Sara Walker, Mike Muskett, and Phil Eames.

The event also featured a plenary discussion and Q&A session, providing an opportunity for valuable insights from the panel of previous speakers, led by Peter Bruce.

Following a lunch break, breakout sessions explored the implications of the report in areas like economics, market changes, regulator controls, grid and system impacts, and the future of hydrogen and ammonia technology. These sessions were guided by experts including Cameron Hepburn, Maxine Frerk, Nilay Shah, and Yulong Ding.

After another break, the event reconvened with plenary feedback from the breakout sessions and discussions, moderated by Chris Llewellyn Smith.

Catherine Bremner addressed government policy impacts, shedding light on the role of policy in shaping the energy storage landscape. Finally, Peter Bruce and Chris Llewellyn Smith delivered a summary and brought the event to a close.

This event served as a platform for comprehensive discussions and insights into the challenges and opportunities of large-scale energy storage, with experts and policymakers coming together to drive progress in this crucial field.

Notes from the event

Two notes have been produced as a result of the event which can be downloaded below:

Download the event slides below

The slides from the event can be found by clicking on the relevant links in the programme, or alternatively you can download the full pack of slides below:

Read the Royal Society’s report

The Royal Society’s report into Large Scale Energy Storage and other information about their work in this area can be found and downloaded from their webpage.

Event Programme

10.30: Welcome and Introduction, Peter Bruce

10.40: Overview of the findings of the report – Chris Llewellyn Smith

11.10: Presentations on:

Chaired by Sara Walker

12.00: Presentations on large scale storage technologies

Chaired by Sara Walker

12.25: Q&A session with previous speakers, Chaired by Peter Bruce

14.00: Breakout sessions looking at the implications of the large scale energy report

  • Economics of Storage, Market Changes and Regulatory Controls, Chair – Cameron Hepburn
  • Grid and system impacts, Chair – Maxine Frerk
  • Likely developments in hydrogen and ammonia technology, Chair – Nilay Shah
  • Likely developments in medium duration storage, Chair, Yulong Ding

15.00: Plenary feedback from the breakout sessions and discussion. Chair, Chris Llewellyn Smith

15.30: Government policy impacts, Catherine Bremner

15.50: Summary and close, Peter Bruce and Chris Llewellyn Smith

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