We are undertaking research on some of the most urgent energy challenges which bring together the expertise of our partners. This is strategically led through five themes.

Energy and the built environment


  • Heating and cooling
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Local area energy planning
  • Net-zero buildings

Energy generation and systems


  • Energy generation
  • Energy storage and materials
  • Smart energy
  • Energy markets

Transport and mobility


  • Electric and hydrogen flight and airports
  • Space travel and applications
  • Batteries and hydrogen
  • E-mobility trucks and trains

Sustainability and people


  • Circular economy and critical materials
  • Habitable earth and climate justice
  • Sustainable fuels and biochar
  • Nature inspired materials

Decarbonisation of industry


  • Hydrogen for industry
  • Energy efficiency and storage
  • Low cost energy
  • Next generation manufacturing

Cross-cutting themes

Across each of these research areas are a number of cross-cutting themes which will support each, including skills, policy, upscaling technology and data and AI.

ERA is bringing together academic experts with businesses and policy makers who are working on developing exciting ‘Big Ideas’ in each research areas.

These ideas are taken forward and where appropriate, funding bids are made to government to develop new, innovative research programmes.

ERA’s Capabilities report