The Research Committee manages a collaborative research strategy for the ERA partnership.

Consisting of two to three members from each of the ERA partners, the Research Committee focuses on collaborative research that builds on and strengthens the energy research, training and enterprise profile of each of the ERA member institutions.

The Research Committee leads the strategy for the delivery of science, innovation and impact from the ERA facilities including research proposals, promotion of research collaborations across the partners and defining how ERA facilities will become true national research assets.

The Committee also develops ‘Big Ideas’ – these are areas of research around which new ideas are suggested by ERA partners. The Big Ideas propose the development of projects which align with national strategies and bring together expertise from across the ERA partnership.

Aston University

Tony Bridgwater
Patricia Thornley
Tim Miller

Aston University Logo

British Geological Survey

Jo Booth
Michelle Bentham
Dan Condon

British Geological Survey Logo

Cranfield University

Chris Fogwill
Juliet Kauffmann
Phil Longhurst
Vasilije Manovic
Upul Wijayantha

Cranfield University Logo

Keele University

Julian Read
Sharon George
Zoe Robinson

Keele University Logo

Loughborough University

Kathryn North
Alan Kirk
Philip Eames
Pooja Goddard

Loughborough University Logo

University of Birmingham

David Boardman
Jonathan Radcliffe
Robert Steinberger-Wilckens
Martin Freer

University of Birmingham Logo

University of Leicester

Kevin Tansey
Karl Ryder
Wesley Dose

University of Leicester Logo

University of Nottingham

Chris Gerada
David Grant
Gavin Walker
Mark Gillott
Seamus Garvey
Simon Gerrard

University of Nottingham Logo

University of Warwick

Caroline Kuzemco
Stan Shire
Mark Bobe
Stuart Coles
Tomomi Kimura

University of Warwick Logo