Mohammad Q. Hamdan  

The University of Nottingham

The research approach is to create a digital framework that aims to retrofit community buildings, select the optimum retrofit strategy, and assess their life-cycle costs.

I am working in the fields of architecture design, spatial planning, and research in energy and building environments, particularly in retrofit, life cycle assessment, and microclimate analysis. I also did one year of teaching at the Middle East University and four years as a teaching assistant at Al Ahlyyah Amman University, Jordan. This time, I’m doing my PhD at the University of Nottingham.

I got an associated membership from the Green Roofs Organization based in the UK. Moreover, I’m a reviewer at Advances in Building Energy journal.

Mohammad Hamdan

Abdullah Zaheer

Loughborough University

Energy flexibility in buildings

Abdullah is a methodical, result-oriented Engineer with 3+ years of remarkable experience working in a multidisciplinary field. He has completed his MSc in Sustainable Energy & Environment from Cardiff University (2019-2020) with an MSc research in Optimization of the Integrated Energy System of the University of Warwick. He developed models using the energy hub concept and introduced renewable technologies in the existing energy system to make it cost efficient and provide clean energy. He is a Diligent STEM postgraduate, with strong research aptitude.

Currently, he is working as a Doctoral Researcher at the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST). His research intends to change the conventional method of fulfilling energy demand in which energy generation fulfils the energy demand to a new system in which demand is managed as per the energy generation. He focuses on the potential of Energy Flexibility in buildings considering energy loads alongside storage to store heating and cooling in a cluster of the building (community-based model).

Abdullah Zaheer portrait