Trent Basin – community energy demonstrator

Trent Basin

Enabling the full-scale community energy test bed in Nottingham


The Trent Basin housing development and community energy Test Bed was supported by ERA funding.

The University of Nottingham led project, known as Project SCENe, received funding from ERA which enabled the development of a full-scale community energy test bed. This included solar energy generation, a large (2MWh) community Tesla battery for storage and a hub with a digital twin of the development where residents and visitors can visualise energy flows.

Trent Basin also has an Energy Supply Company which sells excess energy to the grid to reduce the bills of the residents. So far, the scheme is estimated to have saved the equivalent of 34 tonnes of CO2 per year, and has benefitted at least 262 people.

Trent Basin is a housing development with 76 energy-efficient dwellings which form an active energy community. This is soon to be joined by a further 100 homes and a school.

Saving around
of CO2 per year

Tesla digital-twin benefitting more than 262 people

Trent Basin aerial view
Trent Basin aerial view
Trent Basin solar panels