Midlands Nuclear – cluster of nuclear organisations in the region


Advocating the Midlands expertise and opportunities for green growth in the nuclear sector


Midlands Nuclear is a single entity, established by ERA, which is bringing together the supply chain, developers, generators, researchers and skills providers interested or already operating here in the Midlands.

Midlands Nuclear’s primary aim is to advocate on behalf of these stakeholders and the wider region, to make the case for increased and sustained investment into Nuclear and related industries in the Midlands. Midlands Nuclear is wholly technology neutral and without a bias towards any specific sector.

At Nuclear Week in Parliament at the end of January 2023, ERA and Midlands Engine launched their co-authored Midlands Nuclear Report which was developed with ERA.

The Report is both a review of national developments within nuclear and its related industries as well as a deep dive into the existing regional expertise and opportunities for growth in the sector.

The first of seven recommendations within the Report - designed to ensure that the Midlands is positioned to benefit from investment and growth in nuclear and related industries over the next two decades - is the formation of Midlands Nuclear.

Read about the recent launch of Midlands Nuclear in parliament

Seven nuclear priorities for the midlands

  • 1
    Support bids for nuclear manufacturing sites.
  • 2
    Support the development of new nuclear generation in the Midlands and propose potential Midlands sites.
  • 3
    Support the development of the fusion energy sector.
  • 4
    Establish a Midlands nuclear consortium to coordinate nuclear energy activities across the region.
  • 5
    Support nuclear skills development to meet Midlands and national demand.
  • 6
    Support creation of nuclear test, validation and R&D facilities.
  • 7
    Support the siting assessment of the UK’s long-term Geological Disposal Facility.

Over £1billion
funding injected by UK Government
into the sector’s development

UK Nuclear Sites Map
Map of UK Nuclear sites.

Source: UK civil nuclear facilities, Nuclear Industry Association, 2023.

Midlands nuclear report - thumbnail image of cover

Review of Nuclear and Related Industries in the Midlands