Keele’s Energy Demonstrators

HyDEX facilities at Keele University

Long established in hydrogen research and innovation, Keele is involved in a number of real-world energy initiatives, applying its expertise to develop practical solutions.

HyDEX facilities at Keele University

Using the campus as a living laboratory, the HyDEPLOY trial demonstrated that a blend of 20% hydrogen could be used in the heating network.

Keele is today involved in numerous energy initiatives, applying its expertise to real world situations to develop practical solutions.

HyDEX facilities at Keele University
HyDEX facilities at Keele University

The Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND)

The demonstrator brings together real-time, end-to-end hydrogen production, storage, and use in a facility using the campus as a “living laboratory”. Leading technology via the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) in monitoring and managing production.

Linked to prediction modelling, renewable energy production and demand allows smart control of hydrogen to maximise the efficiency of on-site wind and solar energy production. This allows us to produce hydrogen when renewable energy is abundant leaving more room for battery storage on site to really maximise our onsite storage.

Other demonstration projects at Keele include:

  • HyDeploy – pioneering the safe use of blended hydrogen in gas networks to reduce carbon emissions
  • Keele Low Carbon Energy Park – generating half of Keele’s electricity with 12,500 solar panels and two wind turbines
  • Carbon Zero Rugeley – a consortium led by ENGIE to develop a Smart Local Energy System (SLES)
  • POLKA – which focuses on technical problems unique to hydrogen combustion, thermoacoustic instabilities and flashback.

Businesses can see how the technology works, both technically and economically. Businesses can not only see the footprint of the facility but can learn from the end-to-end production process on site, and the end-to-end process of planning, set up and running. SEND can be used for CPD, as well as for developing and testing products and services.”

This demonstrator is of particular interest to those interested in smart energy generation and storage and hydrogen from renewables (green hydrogen) applications. This includes businesses and organisations involved in control systems associated IT infrastructure, planning and regulation, and site development.

Keele’s demonstrator is available for visits tours and technical advice.

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