A ground breaking pilot project receiving £3m funding from the Energy Research Accelerator


The Trent Basin Community Energy Test Bed provides a full-scale demonstration of an integrated energy system using both solar and thermal ground source energy generation. Built by the regeneration company, Blueprint, Trent Basin currently comprises 45 low-energy homes, with a further 100 being built in phase 2.

How it works

Residents that opt into the scheme will have photovoltaic panels installed on their roofs, and will be provided with smart meters and voice controlled speakers for access to live data on energy generated and consumed. An urban solar panel farm will also be installed on the areas of the site yet to be developed, and, as houses are built, these panels will be transferred to each home.

Subsequent investment in the site includes ground source heat-pumps which will generate heat for local storage, distribution and use. Clean, green energy for the pumps will be sourced from the photovoltaic panels and community battery.

There is a need to find ways to store energy, typically at night when demand is slack, smoothing out the peaks and troughs of supply and demand. Trent Basin’s distribution system will be connected to the grid. This means that in addition to being able to store energy generated from local renewable sources, the community battery can also be used to provide services to benefit the national grid, such as feeding energy into the grid to meet demand at peaks times.

 Solar photovoltaics will generate clean renewable energy on site for storage, distribution and use.

The Partnership

The project involves a consortium of partners. In addition to the Energy Research Accelerator, other partners include Innovate UK’s Project SCENe, Blueprint, the University of Nottingham, Loughborough University, AT Kearney, SmartKlub, Siemens, URBED, Slam Jam, Sticky World, Solar Ready. The project is also supported by Nottingham City Council.

View the Trent Basin video here


Powered by Europe’s largest community battery (2MWh).

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