Thermal Conductivity Meter

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Jake Locke



+44(0)24765 75187

Brief Description

Determines the thermal conductivity of a wide range of low-to-medium thermal conductivity materials by using guarded heat flow method. This method is often considered to be the ‘gold-standard’ way to determine thermal conductivity is highly accurate.

Detailed Description

The DTC 300 is a guarded heat flow meter that can measure the thermal conductivity over a wide range of temperatures. It uses one calorimeter module, located in the bottom stack, for the measurement of heat flux and a side guard furnace prevents edge heat loss. Thermal conductivity of the sample is evaluated from the position and temperatures of the contact plates. Samples should have a thermal conductivity of between 0.1 and 40 W/mK. Tests are performed to ASTM E1530 and can be run from -20°C up to 300°C. Samples should be discs of between 1 mm and 20 mm thick and a diameter of 50.8 mm. Usage requires academic oversight.

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University of Warwick

Warwick Thermal Energy Facility

Thermal Analysis

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