Simultaneous Thermal Analyser (STA)

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Jake Locke



+44(0)24765 75187

Brief Description

The STA functions as both a calorimeter and thermogravimetric analyser, measuring heat flow and weight change simultaneously.

Detailed Description

The STA measures heat flow and weight change simultaneously. The system can be used to determine simultaneous changes of mass and caloric reactions under defined atmosphere and pressure (up to 50/150 bar) in the temperature range -170°C up to 1800°C. This instrument is unique because it is the only available pressure STA worldwide. The information obtained allows differentiation between endothermic and exothermic events which have no associated weight loss (e.g., melting and crystallization) and those that involve a weight loss (e.g., degradation). Usage requires academic oversight.

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University of Warwick

Warwick Thermal Energy Facility

Thermal Analysis

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