Setaram DSC

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Jake Locke



+44(0)24765 75187

Brief description

Used for finding phase transitions and calculating the specific heat capacity of materials.

Detailed Description

Our Setaram Sensys Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) has a wide temperature range with crucibles that have larger volumes, making it possible to test numerous heterogeneous samples and withstand pressures of several hundred bar. Crucibles include 270 μl open and closed aluminium (up to 500°), 140 μl stainless steel (up to 500°C and 500 bar), and 270 μl Inconel controlled-pressure (up to 600°C and 500 bar).


It is compatible with a wide variety of refrigerants, and measures the heat capacity of materials. We primarily use the equipment for the measurement of the heat capacity of activated carbon with adsorbed ammonia. Requires academic oversight for use.

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University of Warwick

Warwick Thermal Energy Facility

Thermal Analysis

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