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Dr Audrey Ougier-Simonin



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The Rock Mechanics and Physics Laboratory (RMPL) undertakes research on the properties and behaviour of rocks and geomaterials at near-surface to shallow crustal depths for applications such as: energy storage; geological disposal of nuclear waste; carbon capture and sequestration; subsurface infrastructure engineering; and fault and geohazard characterisation.

RMPL is the home of BGS’s large-scale rock deformation apparatus and specialises in standard (ISRM and ASTM) and bespoke geomechanical and rock physics testing, including strength (triaxial, uniaxial, tensile and point load), deformability, thermal properties, geophysical properties, permeability, porosity and density.

The facility includes an MTS 815 Rock Testing System (4.6 MN capacity servo-controlled, hydraulic load frame) equipped with: servo-controlled confining pressure up to 140 MPa; servo-controlled pore fluid pressure up to 100 MPa (water and brines); heating system up to 180°C; four internal load cells (from 250 to 2600 kN); direct contact axial and circumferential strain gauges (extensometer type); ultrasonic measurements (up to 18 electrical feedthroughs).

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