HyPER Pilot Plant

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Peter Clough




+44(0)1234 754873

Brief Description

Pilot plant for the production of low carbon bulk hydrogen.

Detailed Description

This pilot plant, funded by BEIS, is a unique test facility constructed at the 1.5 MWth scale for the production of low carbon hydrogen produced by the sorption enhanced steam methane reforming process.. This facility operates at the boundary between university based fundamental research and industrially commercialised operation. More details of the pilot plant can be found here – www.hyperh2.co.uk


As a part of the HyPER project, GTI and Doosan Babcock utilised this pilot plant to demonstrate and explore options for scale up and operation performance validation.

Needs academic and HyPER project partner oversight for use. Equipment is in a fixed in location and cannot be moved.

Estimated costs £50k week.

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Cranfield University

HyPer Pilot Plant


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