Hydrates and Ices Laboratory

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Chris Rochele




+44 (0)1159363259

Brief Description

Simulation of in-situ conditions for gas-rich tests under atmospheric to elevated pressures, and cold to ambient temperatures.

Detailed Description

The laboratory contains a variety of temperature-controlled equipment and pressure vessels capable of maintaining controlled, experimental conditions representative of temperatures and pressures typical the seabed of deep seas or below permafrost. As well as the equipment in which gas hydrates can be formed, the laboratory also undertakes cryogenic scanning electron microscopy (cryo-SEM) and cryogenic X-ray diffraction (cryo-XRD), both of which are capable of analysing cryo-preserved samples of hydrates/ice. We also use the equipment to develop and test gas and particle sensors under ambient conditions prior to deployment for environmental monitoring.


Research into: CO2 storage, energy storage, permafrost processes, gas hydrates, sensor development, sensor testing. Researchers can utilise the facilities after suitable training – varies on case-by-case basis.

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