DRIFT (VERTEX 70 FT-IR Spectrometer)

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Athanasios Tsolakis



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Omid Doustdar



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FT-IR spectroscopy, Determination of the absolute configuration of molecules (VCD), catalysts surface characterisation for advanced aftertreatment system application.

Detailed Description

The VERTEX 70 provides the Bruker VERTEX Series’s entry-level high-performance FT-IR spectrometers for demanding analytical and R&D application. The innovative instrument design results in PEAK flexibility and PEAK performance. The fully digital FT-IR spectrometer features DigiTectTM technology based on parallel running dual-channel delta-sigma ADC´s with 24-bit dynamic range, the ACR and AAR Automatic Components and Accessories Recognition, as well as the BRAIN Bruker Artificial Intelligence Network, which guarantees PEAK signal-to-noise ratio and reliable, user-friendly instrument operation.

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University of Birmingham

Vehicle and Tribology - University of Birmingham

Decarbonisation,Emission Control Technologies,Transport

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