Community Energy Demonstrator Platform

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Prof Mark Gillott


Community Energy Demonstrator Platform at Trent Basin

Brief Description

A fully operational community energy system platform comprising smart data monitoring and control, energy storage and generation. 2.1MWh battery, 250KWp PV, Electrical Energy Centre (substation, SCADA, distribution boards, private wire), system and in-home smart data platform, local weather station.

Detailed Description

A fully operational community energy system where there may be possibilities to undertake further real world trials for generation, energy storage and use technologies such as V2G. The current technologies are fully utilised but there may be opportunities to expand on the research and innovation within a unique fully established test bed.

Uses and Applications

Currently being used for Active Building Centre funded research and operated by Trent Basin ESCO Ltd. Any research would need to fit with existing research programme, partners and the corporate responsibilities of the ESCO.

Facility details

University of Nottingham

Trent Basin - University of Nottingham

Electrical Energy Centre, Integrated Energy System