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During this webinar Faye McAnulla gave an overview of the project Decarbonising Heavy Transport in The Midlands: H2GVMIDS, Thomas Steffen (Loughborough University) talked about the contribution Electric Vehicles (EVs) can make towards a net zero future, and Frank Tutu (EDF R&D UK Centre) presented on how EDF is working towards decarbonising transport.

Electric Vehicles as a Key Enabler for the Decarbonisation of Our Electricity Grid: Dr. Thomas Steffen (Loughborough University).      

This presentation originates from the Future of Technology Series, and it discusses the contribution Electric Vehicles (EVs) can make towards a net zero future. Renewable generation is notoriously volatile, and smart charging of EVs offers a simple yet effective opportunity to shift the charging load to periods of excess generation. Thus, smart charging provides private and public benefits, and this research explores how both can be aligned. Because of the limited capacity, EVs will only be able to provide daily or weekly storage, while seasonal flexibility could be achieved via hydrogen storage in combination with hybrid vehicles.

Hy4Fleets: Frank Tutu (EDF R&D UK Centre).

Hy4Fleets was a feasibility study project that developed and tested the value for an assessment tool to support decision-making and encourage the transition of diesel-powered heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) to hydrogen fuel cell fleets. The project’s main goal was to address the gap in technical and economic insights on the hydrogen switching process that presents a barrier to the uptake of hydrogen vehicles by fleet operators.

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