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As part of ERA’s Black History Month Celebrations, we have invited two of our black researchers, Eugene Boadu (Keele University) and Dr Shandelle Steadman (Cranfield University) to talk about the exciting research they are carrying out. Check out the recording of their talks below:

 Would you like to trade your energy?

Dr Shandelle Steadman

As energy markets are becoming more decentralised, energy trading platforms are emerging as potential tools to facilitate the coordination of energy consumption and generation. Shandelle’s presentation will provide an overview of her research on the factors that affect indivial consumer’s and prosumer’s willingness to participate in a peer-to-peer energy trading platform. Focusing on a set of three European countries, it disentangles the effectiveness of both economic and non-economic incentives in fostering energy trade via intermediate platforms.  Check out the talk Shandelle gave as part of the ERA Black History Month Net Zero Heroes Special below:

Climate Change mitigation and adaptation: Role of multinational enterprise subsidiaries in sub-Saharan Africa

Eugene Boadu

Climate change continues to pose risk to humanity. Continents such as Africa is vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. The project aims to examine, at a granular level, the strategies used by multinational subsidiaries in mitigating and adapting to climate change within the context of developing countries. Empirical data will be obtained through the interview of relevant officials in selected subsidiaries in Ghana. It is hoped that the outcome of the research will provide policy and academic literature on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Check out the talk Eugene gave as part of the ERA Black History Month Net Zero Heroes Special below:


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