Addressing climate change through renewable energy solutions and the reduction of carbon emissions.

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To demonstrate a broad range of renewable and sustainable energy generation technologies whilst working in conjunction with industry.

The UK is quickly moving away from fossil fuel technologies and towards a more sustainable energy generation system based on renewable energy systems.

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Energy Storage

To develop low carbon, commercially viable technologies that efficiently capture, store and release energy back at the appropriate time.

Consumers across the country are starting to interact differently with their energy system. Around a million UK homes have solar panels on their roofs, smart meters are being rolled out and other smart devices are becoming increasingly common.

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To address challenges that enable energy distribution systems to become smarter, more flexible and be able to realise future technological advances.

As we move to a smarter, more flexible energy distribution system, we need to ensure that the opportunities afforded by advancements in technology can be realised.

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Energy Use

To develop new technologies that will help to reduce UK emissions and lower the amount of energy used by industrial and domestic customers.

Cities represent 80% of CO2 emissions, and are a major environmental policy challenge for governments across the world.

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