In today's global energy marketplace, innovation is vital to develop the new products and services to keep one step ahead of your competitors.

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The Energy Research Accelerator combines the expertise and resources of eight of the Midlands leading universities, together with the British Geological Survey. With the ability to draw on the expertise of almost 1,000 researchers and world-leading facilities, we can work with you to help develop and demonstrate new technologies. 

Innovating with you

The UK government has set a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050. To achieve this, businesses and universities will need to work closely together in order to undertake research, development, and demonstration which will lead to new solutions and reduce the costs of low carbon energy. By investing in new facilities and bringing together the expertise and resources of six leading universities and the British Geological Survey, the Energy Research Accelerator enables industry to work with academia to develop solutions to the energy challenges facing the world today.

Unrivalled facilities and equipment

ERA is investing millions of pounds into state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, providing new opportunities for businesses to undertake small or large scale testing, product development, modelling, and undertaking large scale demonstrators to prove concepts in real world environments.

Providing world class research expertise

 With impressive, modern facilities and a wide breadth of academic interests, ERA's partners are able to offer businesses research expertise in a multitude of areas in energy, ranging from technologies in energy transformation to storage through to supporting the development of solutions for energy integration and end use applications.

Developing future energy leaders

 These are challenging times, the global business landscape is being reshaped and rebuilt, particularly in the energy sector. Any business is only as good as its people and that is why ERA is investing in the next generation of energy leaders. Our doctoral training programme provides an opportunity for talented researchers to work with industrial specialists to develop novel ideas and provide practical solutions to global energy issues.


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ERA has invested an unprecedented £60m in facilities and equipment for energy research and innovation.

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