Find out about how to get involved with the Energy Research Accelerator's 'Big Ideas' bid to government

The Energy Research Accelerator is putting together a major bid to government to support energy innovation, business growth and job creation in the Midlands.

The core areas of activity we propose through our 'Big Ideas', are:

• Implementation and demonstration of next-generation fuels to include a National Centre on Fuel Standards  and support for development of a regional hydrogen economy
• Medium-term, large-scale, energy storage to include compressed air demonstration facilities
• Integrating the circular economy with zero carbon and CCUS acceleration, including production of bio-char and utilisation in the property sector; metals recycling; and chemicals from waste production
• Grid-scale electricity system modelling for future-proofing infrastructure to develop a digital twin of the electricity system allowing network changes to be analysed in real-time
• A National Centre for Decarbonisation of Heat, NCDH to support the transition from domestic use of gas to alternative options such as heat pumps and hydrogen boilers
• Low carbon freight logistics in collaboration with the Midlands Innovation Transport Group

In addition we envisage a series of cross-cutting activities, including support for continued small and medium sized businesses across the region, development of skills for the next generation of energy experts, and support for the continued input to national and regional policy development.

Support the bid

We want to speak to businesses, local authorities, membership bodies and other public sector organisations which are prepared to work with us to support the bid. At this event you will find out about the Big Ideas and how you can get involved with the bid. 

Additional information


Nick King
T: 07964 391057